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The purpose of this website is to give information about the President and CEO of Wantickets, Joseph Schnaier. On this site, you will be able to view Mr. Schnaier’s full bio and history as well as current information and trends in finance, which is one of his areas of expertise.

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This website intends to provide further information about Joseph Schnaier and to serve as a valuable resource to those who want to learn more about finance. Mr. Schnaier has been involved in the field since 1996, when he began his career in finance and investments, and has experience collaborating with businesses across the country. If you are interested in learning more about Joseph Schnaier, then check out his full bio located on the About Page. If you want to get in contact with him, just fill out the form located on the Contact page.


Joseph Schnaier

joseph schnaier

New York, NY Businessman & Entrepreneur

Joseph Schnaier is currently the CEO and President of Wantickets, where he oversees all of their day to day operations. With a career spanning over 25 years, Joseph has connections all over the globe. He focuses mainly on private equity investments, and also has a successful career in entrepreneurship. He co-founded the companies Friedman Schnaier & Associates and DOD Marketing Corp.


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Joseph is an expert in finance and investments, and has a long career full of success in his field.  To get in touch with him, please reach out by writing him a message on the contact form located on the Contact Page and he will reply to you shortly. Mr. Schnaier has a long track record of success in leadership and management. To find out more about Joseph Schnaier, click the link to the About Page, which details his full bio and history.

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This site contains information regarding finance intended to be useful to anyone with questions regarding the field or for anyone who simply wants to learn more about the way it works. Our Blog Archives are full of advice and helpful tips that come right from Mr. Schnaier. As a leader in his field for more than a quarter of a century, Joseph Schnaier is a well known authority in finance. Learn more about your finance and investment choices through the articles in our Blog.

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Please contact Joseph Schnaier to learn more about finance and investments. To anyone who works in the field and would like to connect or network with Joseph or anyone who has any business opportunities to collaborate on, you are encouraged to get in touch by filling out the form on the Contact Page, and Mr. Schnaier will get back to you as soon as he can.


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